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come along and learn how to make your own lantern


Here are some ideas if you would like to make your own lantern to bring along to the parade.  Please remember that small children and candles / open flames are not a great combination!  An alternative is to place a torch or other small light inside the lantern.  Small battery operated lights are available at several businesses in Mansfield.


Book Week Lanterns

Book Week is celebrated in the last week of August – and schools around Australia have parades and dress ups.  We LOVE these lanterns that have been specially created for a Book Week parade….. do you have a favourite book that you could have in the parade next year?

story book lanterns for book week


Enter the wonderful, weird world behind the scenes at the Lismore Lantern Parade HQ as Jyllie Jackson, Creative Director, demonstrates how to make a simple, safe and beautiful butterfly lantern from a recycled milk bottle.

Glow in the dark lantern

All you need is a jar or clear container with a lid and some glow in the dark paint.

Ensure that your container is clean and dry.

Squirt some paint inside.

Place the lid on and shake the container to spread the paint all around the inside.

Take the lid off and allow to dry.

Make sure that your brand new lantern sits in the sun (or near a light) to “charge” it before use.

Create a handle with a pipe cleaner, some wire or string.

Enjoy your glow in the dark lantern!

10 Lantern Making Ideas

Have a look at this collection of home made lanterns.  We particularly like the papier mache globe lanterns – best get busy soon!


DIY decorated lanterns

This group of lanterns all use readily available paper lanterns that can be bought locally.  Some great ideas!


Star Lanterns

THESE are one of my favourites in the DIY list – stunning star lanterns that you could place a small light inside.

star lantern


Tin Can Lanterns

These lanterns bring make memories of activities that I used to do as a child.  This is an easy (and cheap) option for a lantern.  Start collecting your tin cans, clean them up and then fill with water and put in the freezer.

tin can lantern