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Can I make a lantern for the parade?

Lantern workshops for 2017 can be found on our Workshops page.  We have a number of local artists and businesses running sessions with something for everyone.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear.  If you would like to offer your artistic services please get in touch! Workshops are open to all ages but please note that children under the age of 10 yrs will need to be accompanied by an adult.

 What time does the festival begin?

Participants in the lantern parade will need to start gathering between 5pm and 5.15pm in the median strip opposite The Witches Brew.  The parade will officially begin at 5.30pm.  Sunset for the 17th June 2017 is recorded as being at 5.09pm so please remember that it will get dark fairly quickly after this time.  The festival will kick off earlier with celebrations in Erril Street from 4.30pm to mark the official opening of the precinct – including the brand new mural.

Can I bring my own lantern?

Yes!  There will be several workshops in the lead up to the 2017 festival if you need some creative inspiration.    Alternatively you can make one yourself and bring it along.  Lantern making details can be found on our webpage www.mansfieldlanternfestival.com.au or www.artsmansfield.com.au.  All lanterns need to be illuminated by battery operated lights (eg torch or tealights).  Anyone carrying a lantern with open flame candles will be asked to extinguish the flame.

What can I expect to see?

We have invited the local schools, kindergartens and community groups to create some lanterns for display.  We are also encouraging local businesses to decorate their windows with lanterns and lights.

When does the parade start and where does it go?

The parade participants will meet in the median strip opposite The Witches Brew.  Participants will be walking all of the way down to the roundabout before crossing the road and walking back towards the Erril Street Precinct.   The parade will begin at approximately 5.30pm.     Everyone is welcome to participate – with a lantern!

Am I allowed to be part of the parade?

Anyone can be a part of the lantern parade but we ask that you either bring a lantern OR wear something that will “light up the night”.  Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.  All lanterns need to be illuminated with a torch or battery operated tealight.  No open flames / candles permitted.

Can I join the parade without a lantern?

No.  If you don’t have a lantern then you can line the area of the parade to cheer the participants on.

Will there be food available for sale?

Yes!  The Produce Store, Bos Taurus and the Mansfield Coffee Merchant will each have a range of delicious “ready to eat” foods available so that you can enjoy something to eat.  Stay for a while or head out to dinner at one of our local restaurants.  High Country Cellars and Mavis & Lou Lou will be selling drinks (both non alcoholic and alcoholic).

What should I bring to the lantern festival?

This event will go ahead in most weather events.  Please wear warm clothing and ensure that you bring an umbrella if there is rain.

 Will the festival be on if it is raining on the day?

The Lantern Parade will go ahead unless there is torrential rain. Organisers will review the weather conditions and determine whether or not the parade will proceed at approximately 2pm on 17th June 2017. If you are unsure you can check out our facebook pages, webpages or call 0417319879.

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